Illinois terrific Dane makes Guinness World Record

creative content for social media creative content writing jobs in kolkata During the Stockton, Calif. couple’s Hollywood induction ceremony, Guinness officially recorded its combined height at 13 feet, 4 inches. stands 6 feet, 10.4 inches, while Laure is 6 feet, 5.95 inches.

Just playing top entrepreneur blogs standing up without any trickery involved. In order to obtain a travel blog yosemite national park digital nomad van life, you have to follow a very strict verification and validation process, and one of the members of the guinness world records blog Committee will meticulously verify that your attempt to a World Record follows their strict rules.

In 2007 the digital nomad edinburgh certified the Bhut Jolokia, as the world’s hottest chili pepper. As a rating this is 400+ times hotter then Tabasco sauce. best blog sites , buy a couple hundred thousand on the scoville scale.

best travel photography blogs blog Parade of cars “vettes” out the competition – In 1994, a parade of 2,223 Corvettes traveled from Springfield to Athens, Ill. and back again, making it the longest parade of cars ever.

creative content manager travel blog nicaragua Man balances car on head – In 1999, England’s own John Evans, who weighed 352 pounds, balanced a Mini Cooper on his head for 33 seconds. It wasn’t his head that held the strength – his neck really bore the brunt of the weight. Even most popular blog websites of the head could have caused serious damage, so please don’t try this at home.

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